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You've Cleared Us Out!

August 07, 2014

So there's a strong chance if you're looking for something on the site it may well be now sold out. This is all down to the half price sale madness over the weekend where you guys swept us clean. We are trying to push our new orders through as we speak. Brand New Zip Up Hoodies // Coming Soon (mock up sample pic)   We have new caps coming through in a couple of new colourways, new zip up hoodies which is a first for us, some new tees and a couple of other bits that we'll reveal over the coming weeks. We try to be as transparent as possible with everything we do so as soon as we have... Continue Reading →

Party Time!!

August 03, 2014

So i think it's been pretty obvious that we turned 1 on Friday and by the amount of orders we've received over the weekend you either love a Birthday or love a sale. Guess its the birthday ;)    Lowpul started as a project for me to stay involved with the sports i loved even when out with a broken back. I wanted it not just to be a clothing brand but a community of people who have a similiar mind set and outlook on life. The people who get out there and live every second they can. Those who wake every day with a thirst for life and adventure.   It's awesome to meet people who love the products,... Continue Reading →


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