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Winter Time, Camera Set Ups, New Kit, Snowy Peaks.

December 10, 2014

Hi All,   Just wanted to start with a huge thanks to everyone that has bought some kit from us since we released the new collection. We've shipped kit all over the world and stoked to see everyone enjoying the new garments.    It's getting pretty cold at Lowpul HQ which means its not long till we emigrate out to snowy climates for the speed riding/skiing season. It's always a big mission moving everything over but it means for the normally dark 6 months we get to work and live in the middle of snow covered mountains with some of the best terrain on our door step. Its an inspiring place to live and feel truly fortunate to call it home... Continue Reading →

Introducing Miss Hege Ringard.

December 02, 2014

Name: Hege Ringard Age: 36 Nationaility: Norwegian Sports: BASE, Skydiving (freefly, wingsuit), Snowboard, Skiing, Speedflying, Yoga and i have been seen around surfspots with a board, but i don’t seem to be able to actually surf…….. By far the hardest sport i have ever tried. Sponsors: Mammut and Lowpul Jump Numbers: BASE 250 + Skydive 700 +     Hi Hege, how you doing? Pretty god damn good. This has been the best few previous months in Norway and we had the best summer in years.   So welcome to the Lowpul ProTeam!  Thank you.   Can you give us a bit of an intro for the people who havent met you? I started skydiving when i was 17 and... Continue Reading →

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